Transition and Amalgamation April 2019

Apr 27, 2019


Thanks to all concerned, who have journeyed with us in the recent changes. A new rota will soon be available for readers for 5pm Saturday Mass. If you are interested in joining our new rota for 5pm then have a word with Steve McNichols, Deacons John or Anthony.
Also, we invite any of you who have been involved with the flowers to come and sign up for the Flower Rota at All Saints, even if you were not involved before please do come forward. Have a word with Fr Ned.
The Piety Shop will now be open on a Saturday Night after 5pm Mass, thank you to Pat.
If someone is interested in being a Sacristan for 5pm Mass, please come forward. It would involve setting up and tidying up after the Mass on a weekly basis. If you can help have a word with Fr Ned.
If any of you are interested in being part of the Summer Fair 6th July at All Saints, please come forward.
If you are new attending the 5pm Mass, volunteers will always welcome. Please see Fr Ned.