Traidcraft Update – April 2016

Apr 9, 2016


Thanks to your continuing support, our Traidcraft stall has a turnover of about £3,000.00 per year.

This is our commitment to supporting disadvantaged producers around the world, and giving them a fair return for their work. There is also a Traidcraft appeal and this year’s theme is ‘Let it Grow’. The aim is to help communities start up enterprises from the early stages and eventually to thrive. Rozina was a tea picker in Bangladesh living in desperate poverty. Traidcraft enabled her to plant her own tea bushes and join a co-operative of small tea growers. Her income has increased 10-fold and her children are now able go to school. This is what your support does.

Our ‘Big Brew’ last Sunday raised £150. This has been added to £490 from previous coffee mornings and profit from the stall, enabling us to make a total donation of £640 to ‘Let it Grow’. A big ‘thank-you’ to all our helpers on the stall, the choir members who make our tea and coffee, and of course our customers!