The Kingdom Come Prayer Walk

May 22, 2018

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support, encouragement and many prayers on last Friday’s Prayer Walk with Bishop Libby and Archdeacon Ian as part of the “Thy Kingdom Come” initiative. The 7.5 mile route took us from Warburton, via Partington, Carrington and Ashton-on-Mersey. On route we visited a wide variety of places including, schools, care homes, churches of several denominations, urban estates, The Hideaway Christian Play Centre and busy roads – praying for individuals, families, children, workers and visitors in many walks of life.

Bishop Libby summing up the walk at the end as she led worship in St. Martin’s Church, said that this particular walk had seen the widest spread of ages with children with us for the entire length of the route and she was encouraged that it had been the most ecumenical, with walkers from the Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Ivy and Anglican churches – visiting each of their respective buildings on route.

I look forward to continuing to work closely with all our local churches as we pray “Thy Kingdom Come” and minister to our local communities.


Rev. Andrew Knight
St Mary’s Church in the parish of Partington and Carrington

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