SVP Sudan Baby Feeding Project 2020/21

Dec 16, 2020

SVP Sudan Baby Feeding Project 2020/21

The conflict and suffering in Sudan and Southern Sudan still goes on. The SVP continues to maintain the feeding stations that feed starving babies and children on a daily basis, providing over 5,000 meals a week. Our support is vital so that this may continue.

In previous years many of you have generously given to the SVP Sudan Baby Feeding Project, especially around Christmas time, when you have been able to offer your donation as a gift to relatives and friends. To put it all into some kind of context, for £50 a year we can ensure that a baby is fed 3 times a week. Any donation, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated.

Donation forms can be obtained from any SVP member in either of our       Parishes or by emailing

Special Gift Donation  Certificates can be given on request.

Thanks once again in anticipation of your continuing support.