Sister Joann Heinritz Talk 2015

Jul 16, 2015

Sister Joann Heinritz

We were privileged to have a visit from Sister Joanne Heinritz on 14 July 2015. She very kindly presented a session titled “Prayer and Vulnerability”.

The session was recorded and below you will find both the video recording and an audio recording of the entire session.


Video of Presentation

The video below is full HD and as such the file is quite large. If you prefer to watch a smaller file to save bandwidth or have a slow Internet connection you can use this alternate version instead.

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Audio Only Recording of Presentation

Prayer and Vulnerability Slides

Additional Resources

Sister Joann made mention of a few videos and other materials. You will find links to several of the resources she mentioned listed below including the full bibliography from her session.

Earthen Vessels – St Louis Jesuits

The music played during the presentation was a track called Earthen Vessels from the Earthen Vessels album by St. Louis Jesuits.

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address

In the session Sister Joann mentioned Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement speech from 2005. The video of this is below. If you would prefer to read his speech the full text is also available from the Stanford University website.

Interestingly this video is also featured by TED and the title they gave the video is "How to Live Before You Die".

Special Olympics Race

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