Roof Progress – September 2016

Sep 24, 2016

All Saints Church Roof Fund

We got news from the Diocese that no work will start on the roof for the moment. We were told we need to keep fundraising as obviously we do not have enough funds to contribute to this project. We are getting in touch with the Diocese to ask them how much the cost is exactly.

Fr Ned is extremely disappointed, as most of you will be, however, the reality is we do not have the adequate funds. So we need to work with this as we have done in the last year so brilliantly. We have never asked for money in this parish for many years, so maybe this might be a good time to appeal to you all, to look at your weekly offerings and see if you could increase it in any small way to help to have our church looking beautiful again.

Any ideas for extra fund raising would be great. Please just give what you are able.

Thank you