Reflection – Sunday 25th October 2015

Oct 25, 2015

Prayer Group

In today’s Gospel, we hear how Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, is told that Jesus is passing by. He calls out to Jesus, but the crowds tell him to be quiet, after all, he is only a poor beggar. He should not disturb an important person like Jesus. In our own lives, many people, things and concerns, prevent us from coming to Jesus. How often we have no time–for Mass, for prayers, for getting involved with Parish activities.

Bartimaeus is not put off so easily, and continues to call out, “Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me.” and Jesus cures him. Then, Bartimaeus follows him. So, at the end, we have a man who can see, has vision, who knows very clearly where he is going. No longer is he a beggar, but a man greatly enriched no longer sitting, passively waiting to get or receive, but now actively walking with Jesus, no longer beside the road, but now on the road, on the way. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

As Christians, we have our eyes opened to the meaning of life. We are called to a radical conversion experience, which gives new direction to all we say and do. We are ready to walk with Jesus, with clear vision, and true freedom.