Reflection – 7 February 2016

Feb 7, 2016


In today’s Gospel, we see Peter and his companions—all experts when it comes to fishing–but have nothing to show, after a whole night’s fishing. Then Jesus, after he had finished teaching the crowds, suggests that they go out into deeper water. The result was overwhelming–their nets could hardly hold the catch. It was their first test of faith in Jesus. The same call comes to us, “Go out into the deep water……trust me completely.” We really have not learnt to believe until we have reached that level of total and unconditional trust in the Way of Jesus.

To be a Christian is first and foremost to have an experience of Christ–to find     ourselves in relationship with him in all the cirumstances of life. It is to find him  challenging us to love, to have compassion, to practice justice, to be able to forgive and to be reconciled. It is a totally natural outcome of the faith we have in Jesus, which leads us to the unique experience and joy of knowing him, and putting him unconditionally at the centre of our lives. That is an experience we must share—true discipleship overflows into apostleship. This is what happened when Peter, James and John, left everything, and went with Jesus.