Reflection 3rd January 2021

Jan 2, 2021

An epiphany is a sudden realisation about the nature or meaning of something. The birth of a child can be an epiphany that suddenly makes us understand love and responsibility in a new way. A doctor’s warning about health issues can be an epiphany that causes us to change the way we eat. And a Scripture passage, homily, or spiritual book can be an epiphany that helps us see Jesus in an unexpected, new way. As we look upon the crib, we cannot stay there. Like the shepherds and the magi, we too are called to move away and take the light of Jesus with us. We are asked not only to admire the light, but to be people of light.

As Jesus himself tells us, you are the light of the world and your light must shine.’ The light of the Epiphany is given to us as a gift, but we cannot keep it to or for ourselves. Through the quality of our daily lives and how we treat each other, we are called to make our families, homes, parish communities and the wider world a better and brighter place for all people

Epiphany of Jesus, The Gifts of the Three Kings