Reflection – 29th April 2018

Apr 28, 2018


Today’s Gospel tells us that our relationship with God is similar to a tree and it’s branches. The branch cannot be separated from the parent tree and continue to live – it is not enough just to be a branch on the tree. There must also be fruit produced. Likewise, it is not enough to be a Christian and just fulfil out religious duties. Only when we are loving in deed can we know that Jesus lives in us. If the love God communicates to us does not pass to others, then it does not come to us. For us to experience God’s love, others have to experience our love.
So we need to ask ourselves: “Am I really a living branch on the vine that is Jesus? Am I really a Christian that bears fruit? Can others see the influence that Jesus has on my life – in my words, my actions, my general behaviour and lifestyle. Am I unmistakably a follower of Jesus. How many people have come to know and believe in Jesus because of me?
It is only through the way we live that people will be inspired to follow our footsteps, and discover what we have discovered – the Joy of knowing God’s love that comes to us through Jesus and His church.