Reflection – 28 February 2016

Feb 27, 2016

Prayer Group

In today’s Gospel, we are being asked to take a good look at ourselves. Are we like that tree that Jesus speaks of?

It is alive, but bears no fruit. It should be cut down. The man responsible for the tree asks the owner to give it one more year. If, then, there is no fruit, it should be cut down. This Lenten period is our chance to fertilise our own life–to see how we can be more fruitful. We are being called, not merely to survive as Christians – to “hang in” there. We are being called to grow, continually, into being truly loving persons – loving God, and loving those around us.

There is no need for us ever to be afraid of God. He will never directly punish us, or the world around us. But we do have the choice to come closer to him, to experience that love he offers us, or to go our own way – separate ourselves from him. The choice is up to us. God’s love is there for the taking. For God, the past is not what counts, or the future, but only the present. As long as we are with him NOW, we have nothing to worry about. God’s love is there for the taking.