Reflection – 27th December 2015

Dec 29, 2015


In today’s Gospel, we hear how Mary hurried to her cousin’s house – a long trip, on foot, over dirt, sand, and rocks, under the hot sun. She does not have to be pampered in order to bring forth the Holy One. She doesn’t spend a second worrying whether the way is too hard. Her soul somehow knows about the soft light that will shine forth when she gives birth. Everything else takes second place.

Here we are presented with the humility of Mary, and her unborn Son. It is they who go to visit-not they who are visited. Even before he is born, Jesus already comes to serve, and not to be served. It is through service we will recognise him as Lord. He will be like us in every respect, except in his freedom from sinfulness.

As we prepare to enjoy the Christmas season, let us not forget what it is really about — the coming of God among us to show the greatest love that can be shown-the laying down of his life for his friends We celebrate his birth because of the triumphant victory of his death. We are about to celebrate Christmas, and the most important preparation of all, is to say Yes to the Father, Yes to Jesus, Yes to the New Year, Yes to every call God makes of us in the coming year. Contemplating the experiences of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we learn from them how to say an unqualified Yes to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.