Reflection – 27 March 2016 – Easter Sunday

Mar 26, 2016

Long Journey

Our Easter celebrations form the heart of our Christian living. In today’s Gospel, we have the experience of the empty tomb as the sign of Jesus’ Resurrection to life. Because of the Resurrection, the Disciples, who were, at first, paralysed with fear of being arrested as accomplices of Jesus, suddenly make a complete turnaround, and begin to proclaim that Jesus is alive, and with them.

Their eventual arrest, persecution and imprisonment, became a cause of rejoicing–that they were now even more closely related to the life experience of their Lord, sharing his suffering, that they might share his glory.

The Disciples experienced the joy of their risen Lord and Master, and also the joy of sharing that experience with as many people as possible. This is something we also, are called to do. Not to share our Easter joy, and what it means to us, is to leave Easter only half celebrated. For the true Christian, every day is an Easter day, lived joyfully in the close company of our Risen Lord

Risen Saviour, hope of all who seek you, strength of all who believe in you, comfort of all who turn to you, peace of all who trust in you. Risen Lord, guide us to find you, call us to follow you, help us to be faithful to you, so that we may rejoice in you, and one day to share your glory.