Reflection – 26th June 2016

Jun 26, 2016


In our Gospel today, we hear how Jesus sets his face resolutely for Jerusalem. He goes there ready to undergo whatever is neceFssary for his work to be completed. Right away, he sets an example, and a challenge, for our commitment to join in his work, and to be ready to take whatever comes in our doing of it. This is really the core of the theme of today’s Gospel – our response to Jesus calling us to join him. He is asking where our priorities in life really are. To be a Disciple of Jesus, the call is now, today, and our response must be now, today.

Jesus is saying that Christianity is a major challenge, not just a warm blanket. It values God more than safe sleep, more than courtesy to family and friends – these things are good, but they receive their worth at the very core of ourselves from love. Love is the primary reason for our lives, and for all that we do Love of God above all things; love of our neighbour as ourselves, no matter what.