Reflection: 26 July 2015

Jul 27, 2015

Field of Wheat

Today, we hear the familiar gospel about how Jesus fed the crowds who followed him and it is important to notice that Jesus did not feed the people with nothing. What Jesus did was made possible because a little boy was willing to share what he had with others. The Eucharist we celebrate today is also about sharing, giving and loving. The bread which has been offered by all is blessed at the consecration, then broken, divided and given out to all. In the Eucharist we consciously celebrate in this way, and is genuinely a sign of what is happening in our daily lives.

We form one body, the body of Christ, one community bound by love and caring not a collection of individuals separately trying to please God.

There is one spirit binding us all together, and one hope – that God’s Kingdom will be realised, and your happiness assured- even now. There is one faith, by which we are all committed in our total trust in God’s love . There is one lord, who shows us the way to follow and one Baptism, by which we become brothers and sisters. Such unity cannot be achieved by ourselves alone. We need the help of Jesus, Our Lord, as the Bread of Life, who comes to nourish and feed us, in all kinds of ways.