Reflection – 22nd November 2015 – Christ the King

Nov 22, 2015

Today we celebrate the Feast of Jesus Christ as our King – not only our king, but the king of people everywhere. His Kingship exists in every home where parents and children love each other. It exists in every Region and Country that cares for its weak and vulnerable. It exists in every Parish that reaches out to the needy. The Kingdom is a time. It happens wherever someone feeds a hungry person, or shows care to a neglected person. It happens whenever we overturn an    injustice or avert a war. It happens wherever people join in the struggle to overcome poverty, to erase ignorance, to pass on the faith.

The Kingdom of Christ is in the past, in the life and work of Jesus. It is in the present, in the work of the Church, and in the efforts of all who seek to create a world of goodness and justice.

Jesus Christ is our King. We pray today that he may free the entire world to rejoice in his peace, to glory in his justice, to live in his love.

“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts will never rest until they rest in you,” said St. Augustine. This is another way of saying that Jesus Christ is our King. He alone gives meaning to our existence, to our lives.