Reflection – 22 May 2016

May 21, 2016



On this Feast of the Holy Trinity, we see God as a loving and compassionate Father – one that is easily approached. He is the Creator, and giver of all life. He is the one who cares, the one who waits for the Prodigal to return, and forgives immediately. He is the Father of truth, love, compassion and justice. If we look at this beautiful world in which we live, it is only a faint indication of what he really is. If we really look at the world he has made (and not the one we have unmade) our hearts can only be overcome with praise and thanksgiving.

We see God as Son, who came to live among us. Through him we can hear, touch and know the Father. He heals the sick, identifies with the weak, and welcomes the repentant sinner. Though he is God, he empties himself of all human dignity, to open for us the way to true and unending life.

We see God as Spirit, the soul of his people. All the good we do, all the work of evangelisation, in our hospitals, our care of the sick and the needy, our schools, our works of social welfare, all are the work of God’s Spirit, working in and through us. Wherever there is love, there is the Spirit of God.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve perfect union with our triune God – by loving as He loves, and continuing to love where no love, and even hate, is returned. For this we need the creative power of the Father, the compassion of the Son, and the indwelling of the Spirit. They are all available to anyone who opens their heart to receive.