Reflection – 21 August 2016

Aug 20, 2016

Kneeling Before the Cross

In today’s Gospel, as Jesus talks, in a parable, of people who do not know the home owner. They talk about him only from hearing him teach in the streets. Their knocking at his door comes at midnight, only because they were too busy partying to get there earlier. We could ask ourselves whether we are friends of Jesus, or just people who have heard of his preaching.? God will open the door to us, if we are there, not just for the sake of curiosity, or selfishness. We must permit ourselves to be friends with God. If we do not open to such a friendship for whatever reason, God will reluctantly respect our decision – that we are just curiosity seekers, who only want a cheap friendship. So we need to get to know God now – start agreeing to the covenant he offers. Do not delay until we reach Heaven’s gates.

Remember the clear message, to go to all the world and tell them the Good News. Go out to the poor and hungry, and tell them to take their place at the feast of the Kingdom. Go out to the oppressed and the persecuted, to the violated, the lonely, the elderly, the hungry and the dying. “Bring all your brothers and sisters as an offering to the Lord, and proclaim to all his brothers and sisters that they are loved by God – and are themselves capable of loving.