Reflection – 2 October 2016

Oct 1, 2016

Have Faith

In our Gospel today, the Disciples ask Jesus for an increase of faith. The faith that is being asked for is not to have a better knowledge of the catechism, but to have a stronger trust and confidence that our God is near us, even when he seems far away, that he will take care of his own.

This does not mean that life will be free of all hardships and difficulties. God has promised his loving care, but never promised a life free of pain, difficulties, suffering,  or even of a sudden or violent death. What God does promise is, that with a deep faith and trust in him, we can endure pain, difficulties and suffering, when they come, for the sake of making the message of Jesus a reality in our world. Wait and be patient – that is what Faith is.

“My dear friends, hard work and a strong sense of family and community, have sustained you in the past in your upright Christian lives. Above all, your faith in Jesus Christ, and the hope that it generates in you are at the basis of all your aspirations for a better future. May God our Father grant success to the work of your hands” (Pope John Paul II)