Reflection: 2 August 2015

Aug 3, 2015

Bread of Life

In today’s Gospel, we hear how the people were looking for Jesus again, probably because he had already fed them previously . They did not realise that the feeding was a spectacular sign, pointing to something much deeper – a sign of food that endures forever. The people asked Jesus what they must do to get this bread of life? Jesus’s answer was they must believe in him – the one God has sent. That is all, and it is everything.

The fact that we are indeed being fed and nourished by the Bread of Life – the Eucharist, is shown by the way we live our lives, and share what we have received with others, who are hungry for life and meaning. St Paul, in todays 2nd reading, tells us, “Your mind must be renewed by a spiritual revolution, so that you can put on the new self that has been created in God’s way – in the goodness and holiness of the truth.” This is exactly what happens when we are fed by the Bread of Life.