Reflection – 18 September 2016

Sep 17, 2016

Seedling in hands

Todays’ Gospel speaks about stewardship. A steward is a person who is responsible for the goods and property of his employer, but the steward in today’s Gospel was wasteful of his master’s property. He was about to be fired, so he took steps to guarantee his future employability, and the master praised him for his astuteness. Jesus’s choice of a “steward” in today’s Gospel, is altogether to the point. We need to be constantly reminded that we, too, are the stewards, and never just the owners, of what we possess. We have no absolute right to anything we have – “I can do what I like with my money and property, because it’s mine”, is not a statement any committed Christian can make.

The question of a successful life is not, “How much did you make?” but “How did you use what you had, to creative purposes, for the general welfare of all?”  That is the way to make the friends Jesus talks about in the Gospel.

If we worship the true God, and if we want to enter the world that God rules, then we will do as God does- hear the cry of the poor, and lift them up. To ignore and mistreat the poor is to invite God’s justice: “Never will I forget a thing they have done.”