Reflection – 17th January 2016

Jan 16, 2016

The Marriage at Cana

In today’s Gospel, we hear the familiar story of the wedding feast in Cana., in Galilee., where Jesus changes water into wine, reminding us of the meal we celebrate every Sunday–the Eucharist, when we gather to eat and drink at the table of the Lord. At its deepest, we celebrate all that God has done for us, in Jesus, through his life, his teaching, his suffering, death and resurrection — all signs of God’s overwhelming love for us.

Mary was there, at the Feast, and it was through her sensitive awareness that Jesus came to know about the Bridegroom’s predicament.

In this story, Mary is not only the mother of Jesus. She also represents the Church. It is through the Church–the Christian community—that Jesus comes to us. And it is through our brothers and sisters, in the community of the Church, that we learn about the life that God, in Jesus, wants us to enjoy and share, with him. Through the Church, we receive the help we need to lead that “full life.” And through each one of us, because we are members of that Community, others are helped to fullness of life. This is the life of the Church-we all give, and we all receive.