Reflection – 15th November 2015

Nov 15, 2015


Today Jesus gives us a short parable, or lesson, from the fig tree. In effect, Jesus is saying that although the end of the world is being described in calamitous terms, his disciples are to respond with faith, with hope, with anticipation, the end of the world means good times for them. They are not signs that God has lost control of history, but that he is bringing things to a triumphant end.

It is indeed the victory of God, and the twilight of all the lesser gods, which men have created for themselves over the centuries.  Heaven and earth, the sun, moon and stars, galaxies and our own planet may all disappear, but God’s truth, Love and Justice will prevail for ever. The only way for us to prepare is to live today, and every day, in his love and service. Then we have already entered the Lord’s Kingdom.