Reflection – 14 August 2016

Aug 13, 2016

The Assumption of Mary

Today’s Gospel tells us how Mary visited her cousin, Elizabeth, when both were expecting their first child. Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, bursts into praise, recognising the special position of Mary and her Son, and Mary responds with the lovely song we know as the Magnificat. Today’s Feast of the Assumption celebrates the special place that Mary has in the life of the Church – her being chosen to be the mother of Jesus – his only human parent. This alone, gives her a uniqueness shared by no other person. By Mary’s being “assumed, body and soul, into Heaven” what is really being said is that Mary, because of the dignity of her motherhood, and her submission to God’s will at every stage of her life, takes precedence over everyone, in the sharing of God’s story.

Today we join in Mary’s happiness, as she stands in the presence of her Son, and his Father and the Holy Spirit. We look forward to the day when we, too, can, with her, share their presence. In the meantime, we ask her to remember us, and to intercede for us with her Son, that we may “be faithful to our call as followers of her Son.” May we know God’s will for us at all times, and, like Mary, say our unconditional Yes to whatever he asks of us.