Piety Shop Announcement

Feb 20, 2016

All Saints Piety Shop - Piety Shop

Joyce Salkeld for over 30 years has worked tirelessly to making the Piety shop the success it is today, which has continuously raised money for All Saints Parish. She has decided it’s time for a change and wishes to step down from this role and asks for someone else to take over the running of the shop.

Joyce has offered to stay on to support and train anyone who is willing to take over. Please have a word with Joyce if you are interested in heading this much needed project and she will be happy to go through the details with you.

Joyce, it just leaves us to thank you so much for all your hard work over the last 30 years , it is so much appreciated by us all. We know you are still involved and will continue to support in other areas of the church, but once again thank you for being our Piety Shop Star.