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SVP Collection – 16 October 2016

Last Sunday we forgot to announce the collection at the end of 9.30 Mass. The S.V.P. do great work in our three parishes and need our support. So if you already gave last Sunday, thank you, but if not we will have a collection on Sunday 16th October after 9.30am Mass.

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Catholic Children’s Society – 2016

It is that time of the year again where we ask you to bring in your C.C.S boxes. Could you please bring them in next two weeks and give them to Joyce Salkeld who will ensure the C.C.S. receive the donations. Anyone who wishes to have a box for their loose change to...

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Roof Progress – September 2016

We got news from the Diocese that no work will start on the roof for the moment. We were told we need to keep fundraising as obviously we do not have enough funds to contribute to this project. We are getting in touch with the Diocese to ask them how much the cost is...

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Defibrillator Update – All Saints

Could we thank most sincerely the family that have purchased the Defibrillator for us. They wish to main anonymous but really, thanks so much we are really grateful. The Defibrillator is on order and will be with us soon. We will have to have a training session...

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All Saints Parish Prayer Labels

The parish prayer is now available to read at the front of the red hymn books. Some parishioners have been asking for labels for their own personal Missals. If you would like a copy of the parish prayer adding to your Missal we have some extra labels available. Copies...

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Altar Servers – All Saints – 2016

We now have begun the new school year and we take this opportunity to say a big thank you to our committed Altar Servers for their loyalty to their Parish Mass and we also take this opportunity to appeal for new Altar Servers who are willing to commit each week to...

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Funding Required for Defibrillators

Some people have brought forward the suggestion that we really should have defibrillators in our churches. There is already one in St Margaret Ward through the school. We have made enquiries and the cost is around £1000. So we appeal to companies or people who maybe...

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All Saints’ Parish Prayer Now in Hymn Books

The All Saints Parish Prayer is now available at the front of the Hymn books, we felt that this was probably the best way for everyone to have a chance see and be able to read our prayer. All Saints' Parish Prayer Almighty God, We pray for your blessing on our...

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Church Cleaning – All Saints – September 2016

A great big THANK YOU to Win and Rose who are retiring after a lifetime of church cleaning....they will be greatly missed!!!! If you would like to come and join our team for just an hour every fortnight you will be most welcome. Our next clean is Saturday 10th...

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