Message From Fr Ned 8th January 2021

Jan 8, 2021

Message From Fr Ned

More News , more lockdown, more confusion but as we go to print it looks as  if we are to remain open, which in these troubled times and  different days ahead should be a great source of  inspiration and help to us all.

But let us continue to remind ourselves how serious this all is and even more so now.

So please more than ever we need to wear facemasks worn by all and worn properly (noses covered), hand sanitiser used on entry and leaving.

Do not linger in the car park and speak with others.

If you feel unwell or are showing any symptoms please stay at home.

It is so sad to hear all these rules and regulations but if we wish church to remain open , let us all do what we can to keep other safe and help keep por places of worship open. A reminder too, our churches are cold as you all will have noticed, but this is because of Health & Safety regulations ,all to do with ventilation. So please wrap up well and keep warm if      coming to church.

In this new lockdown let us continue to keep a check on one                another. Especially our elderly and more vulnerable. Please do not feel under pressure, if you are not comfortable or worried , please stay at home and watch us on livestream.