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Thinking of you this week.



Thank you to all those unsung heroes and heroines who have helped us to live through and survive this virus so far. All your efforts are truly valued

Anita and Tony

Family members

That we may all continue to support each other come what may

Anita Hewitt

The whole Family

That we all appreciate what we have and are aware of the new way of living and respect each one and all around us

Carole Diggle


To my nan’s sister who has peacefully passed away. A convert to Catholicism in her adult life and who encouraged my own journey towards the faith.

Philip Taylor

Cath and family

Thinking of you all, especially tomorrow on John’s anniversary. Xx


Special intention

Hope all goes well before operation


Joe Mooney

Hearts are broken, may God bless you on your journey.
You are loved so very much.

Eileen Hay

Rachel and all her colleagues

Dear Lord, Sustain our medical staff in all their endeavours to fight the Coronavirus. Give them the strength and courage to continue to comfort their patients and their families.

Nina Chidgey

Ethan & all our family & friends

Dear Lord, They are missed every day and never out of our thoughts and hearts.

Nina Chidgey

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