Gospel Prayer Group Update – Autumn 2015

Sep 9, 2015

All Saints Gospel Prayer Group

Embodying the Gospel in our lives

Now that the Prayer Group has become established, publicity about it will be presented in the Parish Bulletin for the next three weeks.

In the current issue of the parish Journal “The Trinity” there is an article describing the parish Gospel Prayer Group which was initiated two years ago. Have a look at this article (there are still copies available and you can also access it on the Parish Website) because it provides an overview of how as a parish we are responding to Pope Francis’ first Apostolic Exhortation “Evangeli Gaudium”. The Prayer Group is currently focusing on the Gospel of Mark (Year B), and in Advent this year, when the new liturgical year starts, the focus on the Gospel of St Luke (Year C).

The Gospel Prayer Group meets the last Wednesday every month immediately after the evening Mass at 7.30pm in All Saints and the meeting lasts just half-an-hour. We focus on a text from the liturgical readings of the year using the process of the prayer is the ancient Lectio Divina – which is a very gentle and calming process. Lectio Divina can be practised in whatever time is available to you and in any setting – and it is a wonderful antidote to stress is modern life! In the newsletter next week, we will provide a deeper explanation of Lectio Divina.

The Prayer Group will re-convene after the summer break on Wednesday, 16th September, at All Saints following the 7.30 evening Mass. The meeting will take just 30 minutes of your time. You do not have to make a commitment to come every month, just come when you can, You will always find the dates of meetings in the Parish Bulletin. Come and encounter the peace of Christ!