Get Involved

Our Parishes each have thriving communities, there is something suitable for everyone.

We know free time is at a premium in these busy times and being part of such a large multi-parish community means that you may think there are plenty of people already around so everything is covered.

While we truly appreciate all our volunteers do there are always opportunities for others to become more involved in all that goes on in Our Parishes.

There’re great social benefits to becoming more involved in the various parish activities. You’ll meet new people and will help build our communities. It’s often great fun too!

The more volunteers we have the less frequently everyone would be called upon.

Here are details of areas where we currently need help. These are just most urgent needs though and if you have other ideas of how you may help please do share these with Father Ned or use the form below. Any assistance is always most welcome.

Eucharistic Ministers

We are looking for Eucharistic Ministers to take communion to our sick, volunteers are needed for all 3 parishes. If you can spare some time please see Fr Ned, or Deacons Anthony and John, who will add you to the list. This is a very important ministry and your help is greatly needed. Thank you


It would be good if we could have a few more Welcomers each Sunday. This would be every few weeks. There is a list to put your name on in the porch of each church, alternatively use the form below.

Your help is really needed and appreciated.


We are in need of parishioners willing to go on a rota to keep our Churches clean and sparkling on a regular basis. If we can get enough volunteers you would only have to come a couple of hours a month.

If you would like to help, please put your name and telephone number on the list in each church or use the form below.

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