Asylum Seekers and the Right to Work

Mar 20, 2016

Many people have been contacting the Diocese and asking how they can support refugees and asylum seekers, there is a simple but important action which can help these people. People are unaware that asylum seekers are prohibited by law from working. Catholic Social Teaching is writing to us regarding an amendment to the Immigration Bill that is currently going through Parliament. CSAN is supporting Lord Alton of Liverpool’s amendment which would grant asylum seekers, who have not had their claim for asylum processed within six months, the right to work. CSAN is keen to ensure this amendment is upheld in the House of Commons and we are asking people to write to their MPs urging them to support the amendment.

We are asking parishioners, to write to their MPs ahead of the Bill’s return to the House of Commons (expected towards the end of March – beginning of April) asking them to support the amendment. If you wish to be involved we ask that you write a letter to your local MP, a drafted a pro-forma letter which you can adapt is available at the back of church just add your name, address, signature and for it to be posted to your local MP If you do not know who your MP is, please use the website You just have to type your postcode and the details of your MP will be provided.

Thank you