All Saints Offertory Envelopes

Feb 26, 2021


The new boxes of envelopes for the Tax Year 2021-22 are now available,

for collection in the church entrance porch. The boxes for Gift Aiders have your name on the lid, while Non-Gift Aid donors are free to choose any unnamed Non-Gift Aid box.

There are also some unnamed spare boxes, which are specially designated for the use of Parishioners who wish to start making Gift Aided donations. If this is the case, will you please take the unnamed special spare box which has the lowest available number on it, and then contact Peter & Maria Barker (Phone Number 0161 973 1425) for a Gift Aid Declaration Form.

We would mention for Gift Aiders, that the tax year 2020-21 will be     coming to an

end on 5th April, and the Parish will then undertake the process of    claiming back the

Gift Aid refunds on donations made in the tax year. If your circumstances have changed and you no longer pay income tax (or if for any other reason you do not wish to remain in the Gift Aid Scheme) please contact Peter & Maria Barker by 5th April, otherwise it will be assumed you have paid sufficient income tax for the Parish to reclaim Gift Aid on donations made in the tax year. Also, kindly advise them if you have changed your name or address in the past year.


Many thanks,

Peter & Maria Barker,

All Saints Parish Gift Aid Organisers.